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Why Proxily?

Redux, Redux-toolkit, MobX and MobX-state-tree are all very effective mechanisms for managing state changes in complex applications. There are also a number of newer state management libraries such as Recoil, Hook State and Akita and many more. There are also fully proxy-based state management systems such as Valtio and React-easy-state.

The goal of Proxily is simple: Provide all features in Redux without being prescriptive

We believe we have come very close to that goal and hope you enjoy:

  • the simplicity of mutable state,
  • having simple and straight-forward state definitions,
  • using the accessory features Redux users have come to rely on,
  • exploring unique features such as Transactions with undo/redo commit/rollback.
  • a better UX with transitions, suspense and concurrent mode (React 18+)

The author, Sam Elsamman has written other frameworks, such as Amorphic an isomorphic framework for NodeJS and redux-capi, a redux-based state management library for React. His frameworks are in use in applications such as Gymanize and Cdash19 as well as at HaveLife.

Please give Proxily a try, tell us what you think and leave a star if you like what you see.