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Sagas API


Schedule a task using Redux-saga and it's channel interface

scheduleTask<T> (task : (parameter: T)=>void, parameter? : T, taker?: any, ...takerArgs : any) : void 
taska generator function
parameterAn object with parameters your generator may consume
takerA scheduling generator usually from redux-saga - see below

The standard takers can be imported from "@redux-saga/core/effects"

  • takeEvery - Allow concurrent execution of the task as it scheduled
  • takeLeading - Ignore requests to schedule the task while first instance of the task is in process
  • takeLatest - Cancel any running task instance of the task when a new instance is scheduled
  • debounce - Wait x milliseconds before running ignoring any others scheduled in that interval scheduleTask just uses redux-saga functions to schedule a task

Scheduling tasks uses Redux-saga under the covers. It consists of:

  • Calling runSaga on a dispatching saga, provided by Proxily for your task
  • The dispatching saga then yields on the take helper passing it your generator task.
  • The dispatching sage then yields waiting to be cancelled.
  • There is one dispatching saga for each generator function and effect combination.
  • The dispatching saga will run until it is cancelled by calling cancelTask
  • The dispatching saga takes from a channel rather than taking an action pattern.
  • The dispatching saga uses Channels and EventEmitters to feed the take helper

You can also provide a custom taker for more complex interactions:

const takeLeadingCustom = (patternOrChannel:any, saga:any, ...args:any) =>     fork(function*() {        while (true) {            const action : any = yield take(patternOrChannel);            yield call(saga, ...args.concat(action));            console.log("dispatched");    }})...scheduleTask(this.task, {interval: 1000}, takeLeadingCustom);


You can cancel a task if you don't want it to run for the duration of your application. You must pass the same take helper since this is used to locate the task:

 cancelTask (task : any, taker?: any) : void

The parameters must be the same first two parameters you passed to scheduleTask.

Redux Dependency#

Proxily does not have redux-saga as a dependency. Therefore, you must:

  • Add redux-saga to your project

    yarn add redux-saga

  • Import scheduleTask and cancelTask from proxily/lib/cjs/sagas.

    import {scheduleTask, cancelTask} from proxily/lib/cjs/sagas";

  • With react-native you may also need to install events

    yarn install events

This will also add Redux itself to your build though it won't be used.